The Most Important Thing

Safety First!

We emphasize. safety while training. In any athletic endeavor there is the possibility of an accidental injury, we take care to enforce training rules to make class fun and safe!

Our self defense programs are built on the foundation of situational awareness with the goal of being aware of potential dangers so they can be avoided. The safest fight is the one you don't have.


Well rounded training


Tae Kwon Do is the core program at Shelton Martial Arts but there is more.

Students begin a martial art for a variety of reasons. Some want a fun and challenging exercise program, others want to learn self defense, some even come for the social interaction of working out with a group.

Our General Philosophy.

We get exercise, learn self defense, and build friendships, but there is opportunity to explore different aspects of martial arts that appeal to different students. Students are required to develop a level of competence in all aspects of the art to promote through the various belts, but they also have the option of specializing in one or more areas. Some students love poomsae, others love to spar, and some want to study the principles and applications of self defense, and there is more.

Why should you train at Shelton Martial Arts?

You'll receive qualified instruction.

Training is great exercise.

Martial artists are cool people and you'll be surrounded by them and be one yourself.

You'll develop improved self confidence based on the knowledge you'll gain.

It's fun!