Strategic Awareness & Defense training

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Program Overview

Master Sam offers these programs as requested. With each self defense program there is the option to go through a standard program  that covers essential information and physical training for teens and adults.

There is also the option to have him customize a program to the specific needs of the individual or group. Considerations for customized programs can be age, physical limitations, emotional impact concerns, or any other issue presented. He will then tailor the program to address those specific needs.

Basic one on one program

A 12 hour program as a target for someone who doesn't really know what to expect or what they want. It can be done in four 3 hour session or six 2 hour sessions. It can be shaped to the individual students needs over the course of the program.

If someone prefers either a brief mini course or a longer one, those options are available subject to scheduling limitations.

Basic group program

This is the same program as the Basic one on one program and can be done in the four or six session schedule. 

On going private training

If after the basic program, ongoing training is desired we can develop a plan to fit your needs. Cost of the program will vary depending on level of training desired, length of time anticipated to continue, etc.

Specialized programs and day seminars

We can discuss what you want and he will let you know if he can provide it. Costs will depend on time and travel involved.